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With a little creativity and the right tools, children can turn almost any activity into an opportunity to learn and develop skills. You can even take learning to the bath time with games like Spin n’ Sort Spout Pro and others like it. There are a lot of toys available to just entertain your kids at bathtime, though it does take a little more research to find the right ones a también sirven como herramientas de aprendizaje. Spin 'n' Sort Spout Pro helps toddlers to learn colors and shapes as well as keep them entertained for hours. The toy comes with many different activities built in for kids to do while they are enjoying their time in the tub. The child can have fun moving the spinning wheels around and each one has a different shape for them to recognize and learn: square, triangle, and circle. The layout of the wheels is setup so that the child can associate the shape with a color as each wheel is specifically designed to facilitate this. It also comes with cups to play with as well, each one having  a different function to help reinforce the distinction of colors and shapes.

The simple reality is that sometimes children just don’t want to take their bath. Parents often have to resort to using toys as a way to get them in the bathtub and distracted while they are getting clean. Spin ‘n’ Sort Spout Pro is great for keeping children occupied in the bath while working on their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Every feature of the toy is specifically designed to incite the child’s curiosity to pick them up and move them around. They can interact with the faucet, moving it side to side, filling the cups, changing the wheels, and whatever else tickles their fancy.

Spin ‘n’ Sort Spout Pro’s design creates an environment where children can get creative and experiment with water flows. They can stack the cups to prevent the water from leaving the toy, exercising and encouraging their problem solving skills from an early age in “real life” application. The child can continue to develop their skills as they differentiate how water coming from the faucet affects the wheels and the cups and learn to anticipate cause and effects. This is great for stimulating the senses and brain development. A child’s imagination and curiosity is free to go where it wants to while playing with these types of toys. More than just moving pieces around, the toddler is processing and learning how to anticipate how their actions translate into the real world. Having fun using their imagination to come up with different construction designs for the cups and other components is a great way to spend an hour or two . With this much excitement and learning, bathtime will never be the same!

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