Juegos de equilibrio lunar

  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Learn shape and color recognition
  • Foster logical thinking

Games are a great introduction to learning. Some games are designed to play for fun and relief stress, others to work on cognitive skills, or motor skills, and some games are designed with all the above. They a great unconventional learning tool for young children who are starting to develop those key skills. One game that focuses on cognitive and motor skills in a fun stress-free way is Moon Balancing Game. Similar to other balancing wooden block games, children work together to build tall figures until everything falls down.

Moon Balancing Game and other games alike are a fun way for children to exercise their fine motor skills. The players need to keep their hands steady to stack the block cylinders on top of the crescent moon. A child gets to learn how to balance different sizes of blocks and find ways to stack them, so they don’t tip over. Moon Balancing Games and other building block games enhance a person dexterity. Helping them develop their hand-eye coordination skills which are important for any type of physical activity such as playing sports, riding a bicycle, or playing catch.

Educational toys such as Moon Balancing Game are a great supplementary material for teaching. They serve as visual aids for young children to learn colors and shapes. Educator and parents can use these types of games to reinforce a child’s knowledge about the moon as well. Moon Balancing Game and other similar games have a color dice to help children pick blocks based on their color. They can stack the blocks from bigger to smaller or from smaller to bigger to practice shape recognition. Moon Balancing Game and similar games make exiting for children to learn while they play.

Furthermore, with building block games like Moon Balancing Game, you can play different types of games to help with your cognitive skills. These types of games challenge everyone’s thinking skills as each player have decide how to play the game. The players have to be strategic when placing the block to not tip the moon and loose the game. They have to choose the right size block for balancing which engages the player’s logical thinking skills. Children learn how weight is distributed in order to balance the moon and how different sizes can affect the placement of the blocks. Moon Balancing Game and other similar games are a good way to test your skills and have a good time.

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