Juego de sushi Scramble

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  • Exercise hand-eye coordination and dexterity
  • Develop matching skills
  • Helps memory and concentration
  • Desarrolla habilidades sociales

Sushi Scramble is one of the many games that can serves as educational tool. Reasonably, educators and parents like to incorporate games to their lessons because they are not only entertaining but also help children develop cognitive skills and understand concepts. Sushi Scramble and similar toys are good way for children to train their memory skills and concentration. While playing, children need to remember the sushi pieces they need and keep track of the sushi rolls the already have. Engaging through play a child exercising the parts of the brain for memory and concentration.

Another benefit of using games like Sushi Scramble is that they serve as part of hand-on learning experience. Sushi Scramble and similar toys are good for practicing matching skills. When a child is active in the lesson participating along with the teacher or instructor they are absorbed in the activity. The child is focused in doing the task. They get to practice matching skills by being the first to fill their sushi card in order to win. A player needs to pair up the sushi piece to the image in the card. Practicing their color and shape recognition. Children test their matching skills in a fun way.

Other skills tackled through play are fine motor skills. Games are a good way to develop and exercise a child’s hand-eye coordination. Sushi Scramble like many other toys has physical challenge to the game. The players have to use tweezer shaped chopsticks to pick up the sushi from the moving board. Requiring dexterity and agility to select only the sushi that appears in the sushi card. These types of games incentive children to be active. It is a good way for children to develop their dexterity and hand-eye coordination by picking the sushi and avoiding the chef’s knife.

Sushi Scramble and similar toys are meant to bring people together. They are a fun activity for everyone that prompts conversation and laughter. Through playing and competition, a child learns how to interact with other people and learns to win or lose gracefully. Games such as Sushi Scramble help children to build their social skills. They copy the behavior of other players such as waiting for turns and how to be polite. Everyone gets to practice their skill set in a friendly competition. Sushi Scramble and other games set the mood for a good time making learning more enjoyable.

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