Coogam Wooden Tetris Puzzle

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Problem solving
  • Improve logical thinking
  • Hand eye coordination

Tetris is the classic Russian block puzzle that took by storm the gaming word. However, in its core the video game is a puzzle and like many other brain teasers, Tetris is a great game to challenge the mind and develop cognitive skills. There are many console and online versions of Tetris nevertheless, it can be played without the need of computer or other electronics. Physical puzzles such as Coogman Wooden Tetris Puzzle are quick puzzles great for playing during free time exercising critical thinking skills. Challenging the players mind every time they tackle the puzzle. They are great because they take less time to solve than the digital versions, so it is not time consuming like the video game. It gives a boost of energy to keep your focus and critical thinking agile.

Playing Tetris benefits everyone. Engaging in the puzzle helps to be actively thinking and all the cognitive skills that are invloved. Physical Tetris puzzle is great toy for children to play with to develop creative solutions. Working on analyzing and organizing the pieces of the puzzle into a square and planning how to arrange them in the board to solve it. Overall Tetris is great way to improve a child’s logical thinking skills as they find new ways to play with the blocks. A child develops the concentration skills to keep them from giving up when the problem seems too hard. This helps the child when they are later are facing real-life situation problems. Tetris is a fun way to create goal that when executed well stimulates their minds.

Moreover, Coogman Wooden Tetris and other similar block puzzles are a great way to work on your hand-eye coordination. Unlike the traditional puzzles, in Tetris you have to rotate the pieces in order to find the best solution. Picking and separating the pieces that don’t fit in the bigger picture. Children work on their motor skills as well as visual discrimination skills. The child gets to play with the blocks, understanding how the shapes align and moving them along the board. But they can also use the blocks in other ways for example to create figures like a house or a robot. Allowing them to develop their creative skills in a different way. Coogman Wooden Tetris and block puzzles alike are an entertaining brain teaser that has the best of elements of Tetris without the need of technology. Having a blast every time you solve it!

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