• Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Teaches subjects about food
  • Promotes imagination

Children can be intimidated by food at times when being introduced with new ingredients that looks different to what they usually eat. The Haba Biofino Sandwich Soft Play Food takes this notion and creates a toy that can make children comfortable with these with felt covered ingredients that can help improve a handful of habits. It engages children in the use of there motor and perception skills while teaching them about food and imagination.

When playing with this toy motor skills are put into action, practicing children’s hand eye coordination when setting up the sandwich layer by layer and making each piece organized when putting it all together. These skills can further help children to have an accurate grasp on grabbing items like cups, utensils, or pencils for daily use in school or at home. They use imagination while playing, making believe that they are making a sandwich. Making believe can set children into countless scenarios that can practice their creativity through making different scenarios while using toys that can enhance the experience.

With the use of perception skills, children can learn about different items of food that may have been unfamiliar to them. Throughout childhood, children can shy away from ingredients that look different, but having a toy that can introduce them in a fun and diverse way creates a healthy habit of trying new things by identifying them with the toy. This can create a lot of confidence as well as a good taste for something different.

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