Robot Turtles

  • Foster critical thinking skills
  • Practice sequence and logical thinking
  • Learn coding

Coding is a language used for programming. Learning to code from a young age helps children expand their cognitive skills by learning this new language. As part of the STEM programs, coding has made an impact in learning. Educators and parents add coding lessons to their classes familiarizing children with computer science courses. The principles of coding are easy to follow when they are taught using hands-on learning tools. There are many games and toys that help teach the basic of coding in an entertaining way. Robot turtles for examples is a board game that teaches toddlers how to do basic commands by placing cards to move the turtles through an obstacle course to acquire as many gems as possible.

While learning coding a person gets to exercise their critical thinking skills. The challenges in creating a code for a program or game are diverse and require problem-solving skills. The coder learns to be resilient and analytical when working on a code. Children need these cognitive skills for other subjects such as math and reading. Developing their critical thinking skills through coding games such as Robot Turtles is a fun way to work the brain without feeling like a lesson or a test. Robot Turtles like many other coding games has difficulty levels that actively engage the critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As the game progresses the obstacles are harder and new coding elements are added on. Moreover, Robot Turtles and similar games have undo setting to help correct mistakes just like in real life programming.

It is important to teach children through coding the thinking skills for them to foster in other areas of life. Not only working on creative problem solving but also how to think logically. Coding games require players to follow a sequence to move around their commands. In Robot Turtles, players learn to distinguish and modify the sequence to make the codes simpler. Mastering the sequence benefits a child’s attention to detail skill and helps to add more functions so they can multitask. Furthermore, Robot turtles and similar coding games help understand how computers work and function. By viewing the coding as a game is less intimidating and builds confidence to excel in STEM programs. It makes learning code exiting and good time for anyone who is playing.

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