• Helps engage in problem solving
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes critical thinking and creativity

Brainteasers are a popular game choice for parents, teachers, and children because these games promote learning in an entertaining way that children also enjoy. Parents gravitate toward these types of games because they are both fun and educational. Puzzles such as brain games help develop a child’s critical thinking skills and mental stamina. In fact, educators also integrate them into lessons and daily schoolwork. Different brain games build up different types of skills. Splitting Image is great for children who may need to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking. This game also develops visual and manual dexterity. The game itself consists of a small mirror, cards with patterns on them, and pattern playing pieces. A player will choose a card and then attempt to replicate the pattern seen in the mirror. With each attempt, a player will learn from the pattern. Replicating the pattern on the card against the mirror by manipulating the puzzle pieces requires patience and deductive reasoning Splitting Image fosters creativity, problem solving, and visual perception. Every pattern card is a new challenge that keeps players actively involved in the game.

Brainteaser games help to improve critical thinking skills. The problem-solving aspect keeps the player engrossed, while the level of difficulty in the game or puzzle will challenge and build on previously learned skills. A game like Splitting Image employs critical thinking skills through the design patterns on the cards. Each pattern is unique, so the child has to assess each card and learn to use the mirror as a tool. The patterns are visually pleasing which stimulates the brain as well. Splitting Image can boost creativity and challenge players to use new ways of thinking.

Brainteasers are a fun and rewarding way to pass the time or combat boredom. These are a popular choice with teachers and students to break up the school day with something fun that is also educational. Being able to disconnect and solve tangible problems in the form of puzzles and games is an excellent way to reduce stress as well. Unlike other activities like video games texting, or using social media, playing games such as Splitting Image keeps the mind active. Studies have shown that after playing with mental games, children are relaxed and more able to focus on the task at hand. Whether in a classroom or at home, brainteasers make learning exciting.

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